99 Pink Balloons Salt by SVLT Vapor has a sweet and yummy fruity flavor with a creamy base and is topped off with granola. It is not too sweet or overly creamy. Instead, it has a nice, well-balanced taste that you would not get sick of quickly. When vaping this e-juice, you will pick up the taste of granola and strawberries on the inhale with the cream in the background. The flavor does not change much on the exhale, but the creaminess comes to the fore. If you love complex yet sweet dessert blends, you will enjoy this one. 99 Pink Balloons Salt is one of the best e-juices in the SVLT Vapor line.

SVLT Vapor’s 99 Pink Balloons Salt is a sumptuous fruity dessert vape. The dominant flavor is strawberries with cream and hints of granola. This is a pleasant and sweet vape with the right amount of cream flavor. Most strawberry and cream e-liquids on the market come with overwhelming amounts of cream flavor with an artificial aftertaste, but 99 Pink Balloons Salt is not one of them. This is a unique e-liquid with just the right amount of flavor. You will want to grab this e-juice after a nice lunch a dessert. If you love strawberry and cream, then try this e-liquid. This is an all day vape. You will not grow sick of the flavor of this e-juice even after vaping it for a long time.

99 Pink Balloons Salt by SVLT Vapor comes with four nicotine levels. There is the 0 mg or no nicotine for vapers who do not want any nicotine. The version with 3mg or 6mg is excellent for moderate or light smokers. This e-juice is great for vapers who are trying to stop smoking or switch from chewing tobacco and nicotine gum. You can choose to vape this e-liquid using rebuildable atomizers (RDA or RBA) or users of advanced sub-ohm tank systems. It may also work with a cartomizer or beginner-type device. There is no concrete answer as to what nicotine level you should start vaping, but it is recommended that you start lower and gradually increase if you find it unsatisfying.

SVLT Vapor’s 99 Pink Balloons Salt e-liquid contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 65/35 percent. You can vape this premium e-juice using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). 99 Pink Balloons Salt has great cloud production. The clouds of vapor you get from this vape juice are thick and plenty.

The packaging of 99 Pink Balloons Salt is similar to other SVLT Vapor e-juice flavors on the market. It comes in a 120 ml gorilla unicorn bottle that has a childproof cap. The bottle of 99 Pink Balloons Salt is designed to make filling your tank an easy hassle-free.

SVLT Vapor is a collaboration between two top e-liquid manufacturers; Humble Juice Co and Solace Salts. Humble Juice Company is internationally known for its quality vape liquids. Solace Vapor is also known for making vape liquids with nicotine salt.

Although this e-liquid comes pre-steeped, if you buy a bottle of 99 Pink Balloons Salt E-liquid and the taste does not match the flavor description, the chances are that it needs more time to steep. This e-liquid will have a dark amber tinge after it has had sufficient time to steep.

You can purchase 99 Pink Balloons Salt E-liquid from just about any top vape shop. An elegant 120ml bottle of this premium e-juice can be bought for $24.99 on the Humble Juice online store. You can also purchase two SVLT Vapor e-liquid blends by Humble Juice Co. for the price of one with a SVLT BOGO deal on their website.


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