Bloog has always been a well-known electronic cigarette brand – especially to reviewers like myself have had increasing difficulties with the inconvenient name that so often is autocorrected into Blog. But regardless of that unfortunate naming incident, Bloog is a great company that shakes up their products a little bit more than some other traditional, 2-piece starter kits that never seem to change.

For one thing, Bloog has always been on the leading edge of alternative power for e-Cigs. I myself was always turned off by the annoyance of batteries running out of charge and leaving you vapor-less for hours or even an entire night. But in a world where we always have our laptops and chargers on our person, Bloog now offers different options to stay charged up. From the cool black USB passthrough devices to the Trifecta 3-in-1 battery – Bloog really keeps you covered as a 21st century smokers.

When I first took an interest in electronic cigarettes, my idea to get my first set-up on a budget was to buy a “trial kit” from Bloog, which came with a USB charger, and then to just buy cartos as I could afford them. Thankfully now I have the money to afford my vapor and e-liquids! Which brings me back to the matter at hand – a review of Bloogs “Liquid Fusion Juices”, their own new-age line of flavors in a growing American market.

Unfortunately for Bloog, their e-liquids havent quite jumped into the fray yet. There is little talk about their flavors on the forums, mainly because their lineup stands in the gigantic shadow of Smokeless Images VOLT and all of its amazing flavors. Regardless, I decided that I would give Bloogs e-LiquidsI mean Liquid Fusion Juices, a shot to impress me.

I picked up 3 different 5mL bottles from Bloogs online store. I ended up choosing RY4, Vanilla and 555. To be honest, Bloog Planet really didnt have the huge rainbow of flavors that I always like to see on websites when Im shopping for e-Liquids – Im sure they will develop it in time though. I really love how they joined the craze of the RY4 e-Liquid flavor that currently seems to be sweeping around, its never a bad idea to join in on a a great idea. Im a huge RY4 fan, the strong tobacco throat hit combined with the perfect amount of caramel just makes the best e-Liquid combination Ive ever seen.

In terms of prices, Bloog is definitely one of the lower-costing American e-Liquid suppliers. Their 5mL bottles only run for $5 and the 30mL bottles are a really great bargain for only $12.75! Compared to a super-pricey collection like say, Halo has going on over there in their Vapor Juice factories, Bloog is really keeping the prices reasonable.

Enough about flavors and finances, lets get down to brass tax! As I took my first puff on my Bloog (connected via USB pass-through) and had a pretty nice little throat hit and a cloud of vapor. Do I sound a bit unenthused? Thats because I was pretty much unimpressed, especially after the mind-blowing experiences I had with some other e-Liquids, like the one that VOLT has been putting out. However, its not like Bloogs product was bad, they just havent had a chance to really deelop their Liquid Fusion Juices too far.

Hopefully they can right the ship and start really competing with the American e-cigarette behemoths like Halo, Smokeless Image and others, because Im actually a huge fan of this company and how they do business. On a different note, if you are an e-smoker on a budget, Bloogs Liquid Fusion Juices are some of the best e-Liquids youre going to find in their price range.


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