There are lots of sweet and sour e-liquids on the market that it is understandable if you become bogged down in an attempt to select the best e-liquids from the lot. 

Candy King by Dripmore is an e-liquid line that is dedicated to sweet and sour candy vapes. The sour candy flavors in this line offer something more than traditional candy-inspired e-liquids. Candy King e-juice flavors will thrill your taste buds and give you a memorable vaping experience.

Flavor Profile

Candy King Swedish is a flavor that was inspired by taste of the classic red, gummy fish candy! If you loved red fish gummy candy as a kid, give this one a try and it will surely not let you down. Candy King Swedish does not only have a sweet and sour taste, but this candy vape contains delicious fruit flavors that it is guaranteed to thrill you.

On the inhale, you will taste a combination of cherry, raspberry, and fruit punch. All the fruit flavors come together nicely. On your exhale, you’ll enjoy the same sweet taste of fruits with a tinge of sourness.


Each of Candy King e-juice flavor comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with an attractive label that gives you lots of information about the product. The bottle is packed in a box that features the Candy King logo as well as the flavor name, bottle volume, and other details. The label on the bottle mirrors the design on the box. The chubby unicorn bottle has a dripper tip so transferring this e-juice to your tank will be easy.

Throat Hit

There are some e-juices on the market that will give you a strong throat hit, but not Candy King Swedish. It has a weak throat hit.

Nicotine Level

Candy King Swedish is available with three nicotine concentration levels. You can choose either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg. If you’re new to vaping or you just want a smooth hit, you can opt for 0mg or 3mg. If you need an extra throat hit, 6mg is a better option.

About the Manufacturer

Candy King is brought to you by DripMore. DripMore is one of the leading companies in the e-juice business. This company, which is based in Southern California, has been producing high-quality e-juice flavors for years now. DripMore makes use of only the best ingredients in making its e-liquids.

DripMore goes to great lengths to maintain quality and flavor consistency of their e-liquids. Candy King Swedish is just one of the flavors in the Candy King line. Other flavors in the same series include Candy King Belts (Sour Candy Belts), Candy King Batch (Sour Patch Kids), Candy King Sour Worms (Gummy Worms), and Candy King Strawberry Watermelon (Bubble Gum). If you’re looking for sour candy-inspired e-juices, then try any of the products in the Candy King series.

Where to Buy

Each 100ml bottle of Candy King Swedish costs $15.99 and can be bought at!


If you are looking for a great candy vape juice that will not only satisfy your taste buds and also gives you that extra sweet and sour balance, then Candy King Swedish is undoubtedly the flavor for you. Dripmore was able to bring out the juicy and rich flavor in each of the carefully crafted vapes in the Candy King series. The e-liquids in this brand is sure to give you a first class experience. If you are a lover of sweet and sour candy, then Candy King Swedish might just become your next all day vape.

You can grab a bottle of this any Candy King vape juice from the Pinkvape store.


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