As we all know, the strawberry flavors are just about anywhere – ice cream, cakes, medicines, colognes, and even shampoos. I guess we can never go wrong with strawberries! I for one am a huge fan of strawberries. The sweetness of this fruit really gets my palate going. However, for vaping, looking for the perfect blend with a delicious taste and high quality can be a bit of a challenge. Some brands lack that authenticity and the accuracy factors, while others will leave you with some nasty, chemical-like taste. But recently, I bumped across this Strawberry Shortcake e-liquid by Cheap Ejuice, and I believe it has some top notch characteristics that make it stand out among the rest. Check out my full flavor report below.

“Strawberry ShortShake by Cheap eJuice is a strawberry milkshake cake flavored e-juice with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream on top of a freshly baked cake.”


On the inhale, the taste of a delicious strawberry will welcome you. This flavor lingers in your mouth, and then the creamy vanilla ice cream and cake tastes are more prevalent upon exhale. I noticed some milkshake flavors tailing towards the backend of the exhale also. This Strawberry ShortShake is absolutely delicious! I have to commend how well-blended all these three flavors are. As a long-time vaper, I can say that some mixed up blends just don’t fit that well. But for this… my two thumbs are up! So basically, three flavors played some crucial roles to perfect this e-juice.

The strawberry for instance is the most dominant. What I love about it is that the taste is just somewhere between the candy type and the ripe ones. The vanilla ice cream, on the one hand, brings the creaminess and contributes to the sweetness.  I think this also brought the milkshake kind of taste I mentioned earlier. On the other hand, the cakey taste is almost like an icing flavor, and this surely gives just the right amount of sweetness for this vape juice. Just the thought of combining all these flavors may seem too sweet, but makers of Cheap Ejuice sure are geniuses for producing a blend with just the perfect sweet kick. Also, unlike other strawberry-infused flavors, this does not leave any weird chemical-like aftertaste in your mouth.


The clouds that Strawberry Shortshake e-juice produces are beautiful, dense, and do not disperse right away. The vapor is pretty fair as well. If you want a room filled with strawberry clouds in a few puffs, then this should be your go-to blend. The combination of strawberry and vanilla is an absolute delight. This e-juice has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio.


You are in luck if you are hunting for your next all-day vape. Expect some mild throat hit with this flavor, but rest assured that it is not harsh and does not feel gaggy. Unlike other brands, the Strawberry ShortShake from Cheap E-Juice’s Dessert Flavors collection will not give any nose burning sensation and will not leave your throat feeling dry. Trust me, be it on the inhale or exhale, this baby is smooth.

Cheap E-juices has created two nicotine levels for this blend – 3 mg and 6 mg. Please take note though that the nicotine in this e-juice can be a bit stronger than your typical bottles of juice. Since nicotine absorption varies on the type of devices you use and the rate at which you vape a set amount of e-liquid. I recommend you start lower and increase your strength eventually if you do not find it satisfying at all. The 6 mg can be a good starting option for current moderate or light vapers or those who are planning to use a tank device or an atomizer. Meanwhile, the 3 mg is commonly used by drippers with rebuildable atomizers like RDAs and RBAs or by users with more advanced sub-ohm tank systems.


Next to flavor, price is always a major consideration to see if the e-liquid is really worth the investment. For the Strawberry ShortShake by Cheap E-Juice, a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle only costs $12.99 at Save yourself some bucks as other online shops offer this to up to $15. Now, what do you say? Grab your own bottle now and indulge yourself on these sinful desserts without gaining some pounds!


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