The Da Buddha vaporizer is a compactly designed vaporizer manufactured by 7th Floor, LLC in Colorado, USA. The cylindrical design of this vaporizer provides natural cooling effect and optimizes air resistance for the unit. The body of Da Buddha Vaporizer is made up of aluminum that makes it very durable.

Da Buddha vaporizer unit Includes:
Da Buddha vaporizer
Da Buddha Vaporizer Vapor Whip
Da Buddha Vaporizer Bag
Instruction Manual
2 pieces 5/8 Replacement Screen
Glass Tipped Custom Stir Tool
Manufacturing quality

Da Buddha is popular as the most iconic whip style vaporizer in this lucrative industry. It features highest quality ceramic heating element that is protected by a Ground Glass Heater Cover. This heater cover is connected perfectly to the Ground Glass wand that enables a hand free experience. Its touted as a hands free vaporizer, but Im not exactly sure what that means, since you still need your hands to, like, use it.
The Da Buddha vaporizer is the descendant of the Silver Surfer vaporizer and was introduced to the market in 2008. It is encased in an anodized aluminum shell. The Da Buddha is about the size of a pint glass, roughly 20cm (8in) tall. It has a simple radio dial to turn on and adjust the heat setting. But theres no indicator on the dial itself to tell you how hot Da Buddhas underbelly gets.
The Da Buddha vaporizer is smartly designed, but not really up front about this in the manual.

Temperature settings

The temperature is fully adjustable with the temperature knob, but adjusting can get tricky. This can be especially annoying when turning it on for the first time and trying to find the right vape temperature for your bud, leaf or whatever. Maybe you wont know the exact temperature but Da Buddha does reach an optimum vape temperature. Turn the temperature down if you prefer lighter vapor and turn the temperature up if you prefer thicker vapors. But, avoid turning the temperature up as it may combust your herbs. I hope you dont want that!


It comes with a 3 ft vinyl tube attachment, glass mouthpiece, which 7th Floor sells customized versions of and a kind of fairly-looking mixing tool. The set of Da Budhha includes a 110 V, 10 inch power cord, stainless steel stir stick, replacement screens. This all comes with a very stylishly padded hemp travel bag. Making it easy to carry and easy to store.

Da buddha vaporizer

The plus is that Da Buddha comes with a nice plush carrying case made from Hemp that has plenty of padding. It could survive intact if dropped in its case, and the case itself makes a nice portable pillow for the park or whatever. Da Buddha comes in silver and black and according to the companys website it can also be used as an oil diffuser.
Da Buddha is solid, circular and steady. It uses the standard direct-inhale technology of most vapes, but theres a spin, literally; Da Buddha is constructed so the air is circulated through the fill chamber rather than over it.

With vaporizers that have the tube attachment on the side, the hot air can move over the product in the fill chamber and only vape whats on the top, leaving whats on the bottom untouched.
A simple stir of the product in the filling chamber could solve that minor issue but I like the fact that Da Buddhas well-constructed ceramic heating system takes care of that. Yes. Im lazy. Vaped not stirred.
But with the tube attachment being on the side of Da Buddha, its easy to spill your product when attaching it to the vaporizer. Push your screen deep in the fill chamber and dont over pack your product.


It took a while to heat up as well about 5 minutes. It is not disappointing I would consider this a con on a list of pros and cons but considering the ingenuity of Da Buddhas heating elements and circular hot air flow system I could ignore it and practice patience. The warm up temperature is 40-50 seconds (quite short indeed) to reach medium temperature. This particular feature makes it very easy to use and convenient to set up.

Vapor Quality

Da Buddha produces decent quality vapor. But, on the lower end vapor extraction could have been better and even the vapors were barely visible. The vaporizer works best at medium heat were it produces some dense and thick vapors. The consistency of the oozing vapors is good but the flavor failed to blow me. But, on the higher temperatures the vapors tested too harsh (the unit reaches too high temperature).One thing you can do to have good flavor and efficiency is to hover it around the 12-3 o clock temperature settings. It works well at this!

Where do I get this wonder product

Retailing at $190 US Da Buddha is available with a 120-volt or 220-volt power adaptor with a 3m (10ft) cord that can get in the way if you dont need it. It also comes with an impressive three-year warranty. There is also a 10-year or lifetime warranty option that costs extra of course. So as for vaporizers that sell for under $200, Da Buddha is Da Bargain is a very smart purchase.


Da Buddha Vaporizer is not meant for everyone. Some people just want a digital screen that points the temperature or the fan to move the vapor. But, others who yearn for super stylish and simple vaporizer. Da Buddha Vaporizer is meant for that elite group who seek a well made and no frills vaporizer. Overall, I loved using it. It is simply looks gorgeous and the setup is also fast and easy. Even the stunning carrying case is a good accessory. The ace manufacturing quality makes up for the pitfalls of temperature options and flexibility.


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