Apples are very delicious fruits. You will find lots of drinks and food that have apples as the main ingredient. Apple vape juices are also very popular among vapers. Matt Cool uses green apples to bring the delicious flavor of apple to vapers.

Matt Cool is one of the world’s top manufacturers of fruit-based eliquids. This Malaysian company has recently launched a range of premium-quality fruit-based eliquids on the market. These include Lemon King, Greedy Grapes, Pineapple Dash and Dragonfly. Each has a unique flavor appreciated by vapers. Dragonfly stands out for its fantastic apple flavor.

Fantastic Flavor

If you like fruit-based e-liquids, you will find that Dragonfly has a unique apple flavor. This has the taste of fresh green apples as nature intended. When you vape, there is no chemical aftertaste that would suggest the eliquid included artificial flavoring.

Dragonfly gives vapers the sweet and sour flavor of green apple. It has a unique, bold flavor that encapsulates all the freshness of green apples. There is a nice koolada as you vape. The great flavor and cool effect will entice you for more. Dragonfly is not just refreshing, but it also has a calming or appeasing effect.

VG/PG Levels

Vapers have a choice of different vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratios; either a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 or 50/50. Experienced vapers using rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank often prefer the former. These vapers are veterans seeking to maximize their experience, however, the latter 50% VG/50%PG ratio works well with any type of e-cig. The ratios do not present any vaping or dripping issues since they have a medium thickness level. Dragonfly does not gunk the wicks or coils. Both ratios offer great cloud production, but vapers who like to blow huge clouds often seek a higher VG ratio. The clouds have a nice thickness and take a while before dissipating into the air.

Nicotine Level

There are two different levels of nicotine strength to choose from; 3 mg or 6 mg. Both are low levels and offer mild throat hits. You feel a nice cool sensation in the throat as you inhale and exhale. The sensation is soothing and nice, not overpowering.


Matt Cool Dragonfly comes in a very colorful cardboard box that has the company’s trademark on it. The entire box is green except the trademark. A cool gorilla wearing sunglasses, a gold chain and smoking a cigar is partly gray and green. The clear plastic bottle with a childproof safety cap is available in 30 ml or 50 ml.


The price of a 30 ml bottle is $ 10.99 USD. That’s a very good price for a premium-quality vape juice. Matt Cool’s products are among the best. It’s really rare to find such high-quality product at that price. They are often more expensive.

If you’re a wholesaler and purchase more than 100 bottles, wholesale prices apply, which is a fantastic opportunity for your business. You can also gain points as a loyal customer and redeem them on your next purchase.


Matt Cool makes its products using only natural ingredients and the latest brewing methods. All its products give a nice koolada as they are infused icy popsicles, hence the name of the company. Dragonfly green apple-infused icy popsicle offers vapers all the freshness and very cool soothing taste of green apples. There is a very nice aroma that you will appreciate.

Dragonfly and all the other products of Matt Cool are in high demand, not just for the fantastic taste, but because they are premium-quality products. Vapers appreciate the quality of the product and the price. Matt Cool believes that all vapers should enjoy high-quality vape juice regardless of their budget. They will appreciate the unique taste and the nice cool effect .

The company, Matt Cool, started operations in 2014. It’s based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is among the leaders in the industry for offering premium-quality fruity eliquids. As the name of the company suggests, a common factor of its products is a cool blast. The sensation is soothing as if quenching a thirst with a nice cold drink. If you like fruity-eliquids and particularly apples, you will love Dragonfly. It gives a delicious flavor of green apples and a fantastic vaping experience.


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