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Looking for the best e-liquids around? If yes, you are at the right place as we at E-liquid Reviews bring you some of the best E-liquid reviews to help you decide which one suits you the best. E liquid is the fuel that drives an electronic cigarette. It is also known as e-juice or nicotine fluid. E liquids provide the nicotine solution as well as the flavoring to e cigarettes.
If you wish to go for a safer alternative, electronic cigarette is the best option you have as they simulate the effect produced by real tobacco smoking. When the atomizer in the device heats up the e liquid, it produces vapor which is similar to that produced by real tobacco. There are several e-juice brands available in the market and selecting one is difficult as each of them tries to out-do the other by highlighting their best features. We at ‘E-Liquid Reviews’ try to bring forth some of the best e liquids from around the world.

Real E-liquid Reviews to help you get the best

E-liquids are amazing new additions to the electronic smoking industry. The market is flooded with options for e-smokers who are searching for flavored e liquids. There are several manufacturers who produce e-liquids. At present, e liquids are available in two forms-one is the e-liquid made in America and the other is the one imported from China. The two forms of e liquids differ in their ingredients.
With so many flavors and varieties of e juices available, a beginner may find it difficult to select the right e liquid. That’s when e-liquid reviews prove to be helpful as they give you an idea about the ingredients present in various e-liquids and also which ones are more popular in the market. So, when you are at E-liquid reviews, be sure to find all information that you need about e liquids, their suppliers, where to buy them and much more.

E liquid ingredients

E liquid is used to produce vapor in an e cigarette. There are two types of vapor producing agents namely PG or Propylene Glycol which is most common and VG or Vegetable Glycerin used by people who are sensitive to PG usage. Most e liquids available in the market today are PG based. The American made E-liquid brands are use propylene glycol as their main ingredient. Propylene Glycol generates sweet juice and produces less vapor. The other ingredients include distilled water, nicotine, lemon, vinegar, etc. The e-liquids which are imported from China use vegetable glycerin which is prepared from coconut and palm. Vegetable glycerin is a healthier alternative of propylene glycol. It produces more vapor and is less sweet as compare to PG.
Some liquid nicotine solutions use a mixture of both PG and VG so as to improve the consistency of the liquid.
Nicotine solutions also vary in the strength of nicotine used in them. The range of nicotine in e liquids may vary from zero to about 4.8 % nicotine. Most commonly the level of nicotine found is 2.6%. Nicotine level is usually measured in milligrams per milliliter.

What makes an e liquid good?
The first thing that strikes one about an e liquid is obviously its flavor or the after-taste that it leaves. You can choose from a variety of e juice flavors including fruity ones or the real tobacco flavor ones. If an e-liquid leaves a bad taste in the mouth, it is not a good one.
Another factor that determines how good an e-liquid is is the amount of smoke it produces. Propylene glycol tends to produce a pleasing vapor but many users are allergic to the ingredient. An alternative is available in the form o vegetable glycerin which produces a thick smoke. Usually a consistent vapor is preferred by e cig users.
The third factor is called throat hit which refers to the sensation produced at the end of the throat when it is hit by the vapors produced. Throat hit actually depends on the level of nicotine present in the e-juice.

We Do The Hard Work To Bring You The Best E-Liquid Brands So That You Can Enjoy!

We at E-Liquid Review strive hard to bring you the best e-liquid brands. We keep ourselves updated about the latest products in the market and give you an honest feedback including the customer reviews about the product. With the multitude of e liquid suppliers in the market, only the top-notch ones can offer you the ultimate e smoking experience.

Some of the brands you will find reviewed here are E-liquid by Halo, smoke juice by Johnson Creek, e- juice by Freedom Smoke USA and e- liquid by Volcano E-cigs among many others. What is it that differentiates one brand from another? Of course it is the quality of the nic juice produced which makes one brand better than another. As e cigs are not FDA approved there is no centralized authority for assuring quality. The reputed companies perform independent testing offering results to their customers so that they can compare the results to determine which product they want to purchase. If you are a newbie and are not aware of the best companies in the market, check out if a particular company has a decent money back policy. Reputed companies always have a decent money back policy or a free exchange policy if the customer is not happy with the product delivered to him or her.
If a particular company does not have these kinds of policies, you will surely find quality control issues about their products if you search online in various e cig forums.
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Whatever queries and doubts you have about various e liquid suppliers or about e liquids in general will be clarified once you browse through our site. We have taken great pains to organize all kinds of information which we thought you might require with regards to e liquids. You not only get to know about the best e juice brands from our site but also gather information about the company and its services. Once you visit our site you will know that we have left no stone unturned in providing you with the best experience as well as complete information on everything regarding the services, quality and price of the e- liquids we review.


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