Now tell me, who can dare say no to the sweet and juicy freshness of peaches? This flavor is a definite summer treat that deserves to be enjoyed all year round. I personally love the peach fruit, and I was very delighted to give this vape juice a try. I felt like I was floating as the heaven-scent peachy aroma welcomed my nostrils upon opening the sampler size bottle. The clear water-colored vape juice has a pretty nice consistency. It is not too thick or sludgy. The e cig juice comes in a clear bottle with a child-resistant cap. The bottle is wrapped with a silver-colored label that bears relevant product information. It displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size. The presentation is kept simple yet straightforward, allowing you to immediately see and locate what you are looking for. “A sweet peach flavor that packs as much sweet as it does peach. Georgia Striker is a mouth wateringly sweet peach flavor that works around the bitter peach tannin and chemical aftertaste that make so many peach vapes good, but not great.” Perhaps I would agree when Vape Moar described this as a perfect all-day vape made from ‘a labor of love.’ This eliquid is juicy and its sweetness is not overly or overwhelming to the throat. Its refreshing taste will surely awaken your senses. The peach flavor is really noticeable on both the inhale and exhale. This is really a good peach juice with a stronger flavor that can last long. I love the sweet aftertaste that coats on my tongue too. This is one of few ejuices that leave a pleasant taste. Georgia Striker is a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol. The vapor runs nice and smooth on the throat. It does not give any nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensation, or fits of coughing and spluttering. Another reason to love this ejuice is its full and puffy clouds. They can really easily fill any types of room with peach-scented clouds. Recommended temperature setting for this sweet peach ejuice is between 430 and 600 Fahrenheit, and 25 watts and 35 watts (0.5 ohm) for the wattage. Expect a smooth and easy throat hit.

There are three nicotine strengths available for Georgia Striker. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level really contains zero nicotine in it. This level is good when you are trying to gradually cut down your nicotine intake but still wants to enjoy vaping every now and then. If you are up for some cloud-chasing or learning some vape tricks, then this will do. The 3 mg level is the ‘middle of the road’ and is the usual go-to by vapers. This offers a mild nicotine hit, enough to let you know it is there. Lastly, the 6 mg version is a low dosage and is also great for those who are cutting out nicotine or those who want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. Of note, the different nicotine translations I provided above are not concrete rules to follow. This is just a mere guideline as you pick your own nicotine level. It is important to note that choosing the right nicotine level for you is very important as this can either make or break your vaping experience. While it may be a tedious process, it will be worth it in the end. Trust me on that.

Georgia Striker comes in two different sizes: sampler (18ML Bottles) and big bottles (132 mL). If you just want to give this ejuice a try, the sampler costs only $4. The large 132 mL bottle will last quite for a while even if you use it every day. You will truly enjoy vaping this juice all day… all week even or until you get tired of the flavor. If you are hunting for a good vape juice to break into the fruit flavor market, then look no more as Georgia Striker is pretty much an excellent alternative. This one-man band will not overwhelm your taste buds by combining too many flavors into a single bottle. If you want to try all of Forge Vapor’s best-selling blends, get the FORGE Super Sampler set for only $20. Five delicious flavors including Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, and Crucible Cream are up for grab.


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