Organic Daydream has a bit of uniformity and similarity with e-liquids, as it’s an analogy of five distinctive flavors. The flavors involved in this fusion by King James E Juice works best in the combination and are easily available. But, for me describing the overall flavor of the Organic Daydream is a bit of a demanding job.

The citrus essence makes its presence in the combination of flavors, but the overall taste is so unique that it is somewhat very mystic and surprising. What can I say; the taste is a little fruity, a little creamy and has a realistic nearness to the conventional cigarette smoke. The flavor bouquet is super intriguing. All the ingredients involved in the Organic Daydream are natural and safe and therefore, makes the entire experience very satisfying and

The flavor bouquet is super intriguing. All the ingredients involved in the Organic Daydream are natural and safe and therefore, makes the whole experience very satisfying and stress-free.

I am a little confident that the dominating flavor present in Organic Daydream by King James is the orange cream for sure. It is the base of the flavor bouquet and pops out very well. The second flavor of the eccentric flavor profile is honeydew or melon. The other flavors are not that easy to determine. But, as I am great at testing this e liquid, I have carefully examined that there is a slight hint of peppermint (or mint) and a touch of blueberry and raspberry. While I tasted the e-liquid, I had a little burnout on my palate, and this may be due to the presence of spice /pepper flavor like the clove. But, leave apart the guessing game, the flavor of Organic Day Dream by King???s James is very pleasurable and satisfying as its unique flavor is very complex.

Now, let me explain you, about the throat hit which is a replica of the full flavored traditional cigarettes. If you go for (vegetable glycerin), then you will be alright with the vape, but if you opt for PG (propylene glycol), then you will go insane for this vape due to its much heavier, thicker and full bodied vapors. As the PG content gets darker, the throat hit gets even better and more intense. You can lessen the impact of PG heavy e-liquid by using cartomizer that has an excellent resistance of 2.0 Ohms. But, if you wish to go deep in this flavor then go for a self-built atomizer coil on a mechanical mode. Either way round, you will experience a fun, refreshing, thoroughly enjoyable vaping experience.

King James E juice is a fantastic company and an actual exception for customizing e liquids that are isolated, unique and far eccentric than any other brands ever dared to attempt. The vapor consistency and flavors is a classic example of organic fusion of natural flavorings, glycerin and glycol. Natural Daydream is a great attempt of King James and I personally recommend this e liquid to the vaping community. The flavor is mind boggling but too fulfilling. The steeping process also goes well with this liquid, as the organic and completely natural ingredients go well with the steeping process as they have self restrained patience. Go for this amazing E juice, I take up the guarantee, its super fun!


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