A rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is a type of atomizer that does not come with a tank. Instead, e-juice is dripped directly on the wicking material. There is a small reservoir at the base of the coil deck of RDAs to store some e-juice, so you do not have to drip more e-juice after every puff.

You’ll find different RDA brands on the market. In this review, we will be looking at the Mephisto RDA.

The Mephisto RDA Specifications

The Mephisto is made by Philippines-based El Diablo. This is one of many impressive vaping devices from this company. The Mephisto looks similar to the Zenith V2. However, there are notable points of difference. It has an e-juice capacity of 4ml. The Mephisto comes with adjustable airflow. You can choose to use the device with a single coil or dual coil setup.

The Mephisto has a gold plated adjustable airflow ring and includes three 5mm-wide slots. In the inner barrel, there are two large slots of similar size with the slots on the adjustable airflow ring. The adjustable airflow of this device is one of the things that makes it a perfect cloud chasing RDA.

The Mephisto RDA comes with three holes on the build deck with a 3mm-wide hole in each. The design of this RDA will allow you to make some fantastic builds. The post holes are for any type of coil and wire build you can think of; twisted, tiger coils, braided, etc.

The drip tip of the Mephisto is designed to help retain the heat in the RDA; giving you better flavor while keeping the drip tip cool. The Mephisto has everything you’ll find on the Zenith V2 and a lot more. This RDA has a diameter of 22mm. Other specifications of the Mephisto RDA include:

  • Dual airflow channel
  • High-temperature peak insulator
  • Welded negative poles
  • Delrin insulator in Drip tip
  • Silver-plated copper contact pin

Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, the Mephisto is perfect for you. It will give you great flavor and abundant clouds of vapor.

The Mephisto is made of 3-4 grade stainless steel. When you look at the deck, you’ll notice that a single O-ring secures the top cap. At the bottom, you will find a long 510 connection pin. The drip well is 4ml deep. The three big posts on the deck have massive holes so you will not struggle even when you are using a large wire. The negative poles are welded on the deck for a better connection.

You’ll find the Mephisto RDA at different physical and online vape shops with a price ranging from $20 to $110. If you want the best price for this RDA, get it from http:/slimsejuice.com. Slim’s E-Juice is a one-stop store to get e-liquids, vaping devices, and accessories at very affordable prices.

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With a device like the Mephisto RDA, you will get a terrific vaping experience. It will give you rich flavor and gigantic clouds of vapor.

El Diablo is located in the Philipines and specializes in creating vaping devices and accessories like mods, atomizers, and drip tips. Apart from the Mephisto, the company has many other impressive devices such as the Baal RDA, Satan Mod, Moloch Mod, and others.


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