The Infinix Portable Starter Kit is part of Smok’s amazing collection. The device is equipped with the most modern features and functions. The Infinix boasts of a compact size, sleek and slim design, and stylish look. With regards to performance, it is far better than Juul Starter Kit.

The Smok Infinix Portable Starter Kit has a unique shape which makes it more comfortable to hold it in your hands. Unlike Juul Starter Kit, this all-in-one pod system has refillable cartridges that can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. The device is powered by a 250mAh battery kept in a zinc alloy casing. It is draw activated; meaning you have to inhale on the mouthpiece for the device to start producing vapor. The device comes with two refillable pod cartridges. You can fill different vape juices of your choice to enjoy different flavors without the hassles of emptying the remaining e-liquids from the pod and refilling it. There is a microUSB port at the bottom of the device to recharge when required. It is also possible to recharge the device while you vape since it supports pass-through technology.

This device has a buttonless design with rounded sides. You can start vaping immediately after unboxing, the only thing you have to do is to install the pod and fill it with e-juice. The pod houses a 1.4 Ohms coil. The output wattage ranges from 10W to 16W. You can fill the device with freebase nicotine or nicotine salt e-liquid, but nic salt vape juices work better. There is a LED light in the center of the device. The LED glows whenever you take a draw and flashes when the device is charging. The mouthpiece is made of premium quality plastic and it fits perfectly on your lips. A side filling port is available to refill the tank. A silicone stopper is provided to seal the fill port securely to avoid leakage. A needle injection bottle is included in the package for mess-free filling.

The Smok Infinix Portable Starter Kit is perfect for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. There is no adjustable airflow on the device. The throat hit depends on the vape juice you use.

You can buy the Smok Infinix Portable Starter Kit in three different colors – Red, Blue, and Gunmetal. Westcoast Vape Supply sells this amazing device for a rock-bottom price.