Since its inception and launch, much has been said about the Smokeless Image VOLT. E Cigarette message boards and review sites have been alive with electricity ever since the VOLT was unleashed to spark the fire. asics gel lyte 5 mujer blancas Yeah, yeah, theres only so much you can say about how great these new kr808d models that are starting to overtake the 2-piece market, its been overplayed. ATLANTA FALCONS JERSEYS You could say the same for all the lavish praise weve heard for the VOLTs bottom-coil heating rod, improved battery-cartomizer connection, or super-strength battery life – by now we know the facts and its become the norm across brands to use Smokeless Images enhanced kr808d model in 2-piece, mini style E-Cigarettes. So what does the brand that fathered modern e-cigarette culture do to stand out from the crowd and maintain their seat atop the e-cig throne? One word: eLiquids. Even after a bunch of other brands picked up on their enhancements and implemented them in their own model, Smokeless Image remains in the conversation and in the top selling bracket. They have been able to maintain their clout by offering the finest collection of E-Liquids most of us smokers have seen from the mainstream brands.Their E-Liquids are so high quality that DIY E-Liquid people (I used to be one) have basically converted completely to Smokeless Images super-advanced mouth-mashing e-Liquids (even if they have to pay a bit more). Bo Jackson College Jersey Beginners will also find a lot of potential in Smokeless Images variety here- unlike some of those infamous stale-cracker tasting flavor cartomizers of the old days, Smokeless Images flavors are the perfect introduction to the e-smoking world. New Balance Shoes Cheap
Usually I will just order a couple of e-Liquids from a brand that I am looking to review. air jordan 4 femme But I was actually involved in the reviewer survey that Smokeless Image held during their planning sessions for the VOLT. Nike Air Max 90 Donna

In return, they offered us free Premium Starter Kits and all-you-can-drip e-Liquids. We all signed a non-bias agreement and my flavor reviews are real to life explorations of Smokeless Images refill liquid collection. Pricing Any 30 mL Bottle = $13.95 When they showed us the Refill Liquid page on their website, a lot of reviewers-myself included- were really excited about the price. First of all, they only offer 30 mL bottles. Most e-Liquid suppliers will have a 15 mL option, but those are honestly only there to act as an overly low product to mark-up when shoppers want to test out the different flavors. asics gel kayano Some shoppers are going to surf over to their web page where their e-Liquids are posted and be frightened by the purely 30 mL bottles; but if they look down a bit to that $13.95 price tag, it becomes clear that Smokeless is just packed with value, even in their refill liquids section. Cameron Newton – Auburn Tigers I ran a quick comparison of prices with e-Liquid to prices prices with traditional (analog) tobacco cigarettes. These numbers speak for themselves. adidas yeezy 350 v2 dziecięce Comparison to Normal Cigarettes 30 mL of e-Liquid = ~2 cartons of cigarettes $13.95 / 2 Cartons= $6.98 per carton $6.98 carton/ 10 packs= $0.69 per pack Vapor Quality and Flavor At an almost-comical cost of $.69 per pack, many of you are probably wondering, “So how low-quality are these products if they can cut the price that much?” Well, the price per pack conversion is really more of a general e-cigarettes guideline- anytime you use eSmoking producs youre going to see absurd savings. Timberland Boat Homme But still, this price is even low compared to the average eMarket price of $20 per 30 mL and it is one of, if not the, best out of the group. I first dug into my favorite flavor – RY4. A quality choice from most brands, Smokeless Images RY4 may just be the ultimate e-Liquid ever. It had the throat hit that you want from a tobacco-centered juice, but it also had a distinctive caramel twist to it. adidas superstar mujer I flashed back to day of my youth, sitting on at the Dairy Twist and shoving my face in a caramel sundae with nuts. nike free 5.0 uomo grigio NIKE AIR MAX LD-ZERO It really showed off all the great qualities of RY4; perhaps their RY4 will be credited as the original. I also dug into the classic grape, cherry, tobacco and chocolate flavors. All delicious, though RY4 was just spectacular. Nike Free 2.0 Mujer air max pas cher pour femme Conclusion So that was my trial with Smokeless Image and I can report that their highly-regarded brand name is for good reason. Ray Lewis Miami Hurricanes Jersey These e-Liquids were just so high-quality, you really can tell the difference between products like this and products like some off-brand crap. But beyond the flavor, how can you beat that price? $13.95 for 30 mL bottles is almost unbelievable in this market, Im definitely going to be ordering my own for personal use as soon as I cap off this review.

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