Orchard Fresh eliquid by SMPL Juice has a clean and crisp taste it feels like a freshly squeezed bottle of Mott’s apple juice. I have to praise how the apple flavor in this blend tastes strong and pure, but not too overwhelming. Perhaps just like me, you won’t be leaving your tank empty-handed… not with this flavor.

“Orchard Fresh Eliquid brings you to an oasis of freshness! An abundance of apple from a distant orchard with freshly sliced kiwi and pear.”

The nicotine intensity packed in an Orchard Fresh bottle is pleasantly mild, just enough to let you know that it is there. The blend comes in three nicotine strengths. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level contains no nicotine at all, making it perfect for non-smokers or casual smokers who have no nicotine hit cravings. Light vapers or sub-ohm vapers usually prefer the 3 mg level as this gives a gentle throat hit. Lastly, the 6 mg level is perfect for those who are transitioning down from 12 mg. Of note, there is no concrete rule as to what level you should start in vaping. It is still up to you what kind of hit you prefer.

Orchard Fresh ejuice contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This does a pretty good job producing apple orchard-scented clouds and this will fog up any room in no time. Vapor is smooth and pleasant too. One thing I love about this ejuice is that it does not give any nicotine high or nicotine buzz. It also does not leave your throat or mouth feeling dry and all.

On the inhale, this juice is packed with some real apple flavor. Then, as it saturates your taste buds, the flavors of pear and kiwi reveal themselves. I did try mixing apple and pear a couple of times, but the twist of kiwi just makes this blend absolutely delicious. Just like a bottle of Snapple’s apple juice, the sweetness tastes absolutely natural. It is not overwhelming or overly, and it does not irritate the throat. Other ejuices just seem to be mixed with Splenda.

Try vaping this and the next thing you know, you are hooked you can’t put your mod down. This is not a problem though as this does not cause any nose tingling sensation or any fits of coughing. Thus, this is a perfect all-day vape… all-week or even all-month.

This Orchard Fresh vape liquid comes in a 120ml chubby gorilla plastic bottle. I am pretty sure that such hefty size is enough for everyone who wants to ‘borrow’ some. The bottle is equipped with a child-resistant cap and a narrow drip tip so you can easily and directly refill any dripper or atomizer without spilling a drop. Wrapped around the bottle is a label that is designed with triangles in different colors and sizes. Not sure but the colors seem to match the fruit flavors. For instance, red for apple, yellow for pear, and green for kiwi. The label also displays other information including the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine level, manufacturing date, and expiration date.

To be honest, I have tried several apple flavors already since these are very common. But  SMPL Juice Orchard Fresh vape juice can boast of its own unique characteristics that will keep you coming back for more. Just like what its flavor profile says, its taste is just mind blowing!

Now, who would have guessed that a good-tasting ejuice with a decent throat hit like this would only cost $15.00 for 120 ml? You read that right! SMPL Juice wants to stir some changes by crafting premium quality vape juices in bigger bottle sizes with very affordable prices. The company of more than 5 years has other interesting flavors to offer. Just visit its website at www.smpljuice.com to score the best e-juice deals.

Overall, Orchard Fresh eliquid by SMPL Juice is something you should not miss. Its flavor is great, cloud/vapor production perfect, presentation nice, and price affordable. You got yourself a very good deal on the table, just so you know. Anyways, this vape juice is definitely recommended for apple-based juice lovers and vapers who love fruity flavors. Happy vaping!



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