Suorin is a leader in the vaping industry after several releases of high-quality vape systems. The Edge pod is one of the newest Suorin products on the market. Like the Suorin Air, Drop, and Vagon, Edge has an excellent design that does not stop its impressive functionality.

The Suorin Edge vape pen start kit is designed for vapers on the move. This vaping device is made to be light with a compact feel. Edge has an ergonomic holster clip and can be held comfortably. This vape pen will also fit in your pocket without weighing it down. Suorin Edge has the dimensions of 49 x 12 x 73mm. This device is available in different color finishes, including black, blue, silver, and red.

The Suorin Edge vape system has a strong battery with a capacity of 230 mAh. Although this battery is not the biggest in the industry, there are two for every Suorin Edge pod. These batteries are designed to be removable and rechargeable. A Type-C charging port with the device and charging lasts about 30 minutes till the battery is 100 percent full. Other vape systems take longer to charge. This vaping system has a thin LED light placed between the battery and centerpiece. This LED light acts as a battery life indicator. The light shows red when this device needs charging and green when it is fully charged. And the blue light indicates that the battery is medium charged.

Suorin Edge has a coil that fires up to 1.0 ohm and 1.4 ohms resistance. This vape device uses organic cotton that tend to wear out fast that other types of wicks such as silica. This pod does not have any buttons and is designed to be draw-activated. The cell and pod are kept together via a magnetic connection. Edge pods can hold up to 1.5 ml of vape juice. These pods, which are available with different flavors, all contain nicotine salt. You can vape these pods for a week before your wicks get burnt and require changing. And refilling the pod is easy. All you have to do is remove the filling port covered by a rubber grommet. Since the e-liquid capacity of the Edge pods is small, little air bubbles get trapped inside when refiling. Sometimes, these air bubbles can affect airflow when vaping and even take up space meant for e-liquid.

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