Sweet Fusion is a one-of-a-kind e-liquid by Dinner Lady. This vape juice has pleasant mixed fruit and chewy candy flavor. Sweet Fusion is the kind of e-liquid that will delight your sweet tooth. This e-juice will bring back childhood memories. Sweet Fusion is not sickeningly sweet. Sweet Fusion is a mouth-watering treat. This can be an all day vape.

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Sweet Fusion by Dinner Lady gives you the taste of the sweet and juicy mixed fruits on the inhale. On the exhale, the chewy candy flavor that comes alive.

Sweet Fusion by Dinner Lady is produced with some of the finest ingredients. This vape juice contains 70 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 30 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). It can be vaped using a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This e-juice is not a coil killer. Sweet Fusion is an e-juice that both cloud chasers and flavor chasers will enjoy.

Sweet Fusion is produced with high-quality nicotine. This Dinner Lady vape juice comes with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This vape juice flows easily through the throat.

Sweet Fusion produced by Dinner Lady as part of the Tuck Shop collection. The Tuck Shop line offers different sweet e-liquids. Apart from Bubble Trouble, the other flavors in this collection are Apple Sours, Lemon Sherbet, Watermelon Slices, and Bubble Trouble. Dinner Lady is one of the biggest vape juice brands today.

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