With so many e-liquid flavor concentrates out there, it can be very frustrating to figure out which one you want to try out first, especially if you are new to vaping and want to create your diy vape juice. If this has happened to you, then you already have an idea of how it feels like ending up with a taste or brand that does not meet your preferences. Some vaping fans go creative and make their e-liquid flavor concentrates as part of new experience, but others need a perfectly balanced combination to add directly to their mixes.

Well, if you creativity is not so good, or you tired of going through trial-and-error or always on a busy schedule and do not want to go through all the trouble , all you have to do is visit Flovorah.com for the best e juice concentrates and enjoy a variety of e-juice flavors. Flavorah offers a large number of highly concentrate e-juice flavorings, mix well together, steep faster, and vape with brilliant vapor flavor profiles – allowing you to create the best e-liquid recipes and make the best diy vape juice.

What You Need To Know About Flavorah E-liquid Concentrates

Flavor concentrates are for giving you the flavorings mixtures to create your favorite e-juice. Instead of going through the trial and error of coming up with your mix or the right mix to replicate your favorite e-juice, all you have to do is buy a perfectly blended mixture of flavorings and add directly to your mix.

You Do Not Have To Be Frustrated Anymore 

Flavorah manufactures GRAS food flavorings that are made for further processing by people who make e-juice. T You do not have to worry about not getting the perfect mix to create your favorite DIY e-juice. Flavorah’s e-liquid flavor concentrates are made with higher potency, PG/VG solvency, and brilliant flavor profiles, designed for vapor, that perform better in e-liquid recipes compared to any other food flavorings. 15ml Flavorah concentrate can make your homemade vape juice recipes taste good for more than a year.

Interestingly, a 15ml bottle, you can make up 300ml of vape juice. Buying e-liquid concentrates in bulk can be cost-effective, especially for everyday mix or those made for commercial purposes

If you are a beginner and want to mix your vape juice, then we have good news for you.

Benefits Of Buying Flavor Concentrates

  • You get the perfect mix now and then
  • You to get to save money because you don’t need to purchase the e-juice directly 
  • You can replicate your favorite e-juice flavors
  • Saves time because it is easy to use

It Is Easy To Mix E-Liquid Flavor Concentrates

Mixing flavor concentrates is simple, especially if you are comfortable with mixing e-liquid. Flavor e-liquid concentrates are intended to make one part of the process easy for you; therefore you will still need to go through the rest of the process of mixing when using flavor concentrates. However, due to the small process involved its recommended for those who have been vaping and understand what they are doing. If you are one of those home mixiologist, then it is no big deal. Just make your e-juice as normal, but when you come to add the flavorings, simply use the e-liquid flavor concentrate instead of the normal combination of individual flavoring.

Already Designed For Vaping

One of the major advantages of Flavorah concentrates to other flavorings is that it is explicitly designed for vaping. Though most homemakers use flavorings that are repurposed for vaping, Flavorah makes these flavorings with the knowledge that people are going to vape them.