Totally Wicked have built a huge range of products and e-liquid that serves all the needs of customers. They have a great line-up of pre-mixed e-liquids, in a fascinating range of volumes, strengths, and flavors. Totally Wicked offers accessories and Mix Your Kits for creating great customized e-liquids for a fun ride! Totally wicked have some of the best e-liquids that have a strong, loyal base as their e-liquid is manufactured in USA and UK. They have over 100 flavors to choose from; ranging from menthol to fabulously fruity flavors and even the traditional tobacco. Their bottle sizes are from 50 ml to 10 ml with a variety of Pg/VG ratio options to choose from. They have four e liquid ranges-

Totally Wicked Red Label-
The Red Label e-liquid by Totally Wicked is a very special treat for the entire vaping community. They have the best value for money, and the UK produced products don’t disappoint you either.??Totally Wicked Red Label is by far one of the best superior quality e-liquid. It comes in over 39 flavors (quite unusual) and six different nicotine strengths.

Original E-Liquid-
This e-liquid by Totally Wicked E Liquid is a personal pick. It was introduced back in 2008 and was the very first international branded range of e-liquid that was made for the customers to refill their cartridges. This e-liquid works wonders as it allows both quality and choice to the customers. It currently comes in 27 flavors and five strengths.

Patriot Range-
This e-liquid is the star of Totally Wicked E Liquid. It is meant for Americans (vape lovers) as it combines the very distinctive North American Flavors. But, its bold and striking features appealed to me and many other International customers are also enjoying this daring e-liquid it to the hilt. It is by far their largest of Totally Wickeds pre mixed fluid ranges and comes in ??40 ( yes, its difficult to believe but its true) flavors and 5 nicotine strengths. I recommend Patriot Range as it has the best quality nicotine which makes it a safer choice for vapers.

Titan Fluid-
This e-liquid is a strong player since the early days when very few e-liquids were available outside of pre-filled cartridges and cartomizers. But, with the course of time their quality has gone better and better. The Titan range has 24 distinctive flavors that are available in 3 different nicotine strengths. I simply loved its bottles as it fits perfectly with the tank cartridges making the process simple, clean and tidy. Their e-liquid is a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This is a top quality e-liquid till date.

The Final Words
The mixing kits offered by Totally Wicked are an excellent way to save some real money as well as a better idea to get more out of vaping. It includes everything that you require to create your own DIY e-liquid. You get the flexibility to control your strength, flavor, throat hit and vapor production. The nicotine solution of Totally Wicked is available on two bases PG (propylene glycol and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).Their Nicotine Solution is sourced and manufacture in the UK.I actively love their flavor concentrates. They have a huge range of flavors from tobacco to cocktails to fruits and every unique and different flavor. The zero nicotine is an excellent choice for naive while you don???t usually see a 36 (strongest) range very often so this is a good choice for the vapers who hunt for more muscular e-liquids. It is a perfect company and I highly recommend its e-liquid. Its a must try for sure!


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