The use of CBD oil to treat cats suffering from pain is increasingly becoming popular. Many cat owners prefer natural options in treating their cats since there are no adverse side effects. If you are considering buying CBD oil for your cat, there are a few things to consider. CBD capsules are great for bringing relief and CBDFx has some of the best CBD products on the market.

What is CBD Oil

CBD is the short name of Cannabidiol, a chemical compound that is extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant. CBD is usually sold as oils and tinctures. However, it comes in a variety of forms. CBD can be sold as sprays, tablets, gummies and even as food. CBD is a cannabinoid in cannabis; this molecule is one of many found in this plant. There are reportedly about 400 cannabinoids in cannabis. CBD is one of the most popular; research has found that CBD is not toxic, non-psychoactive and very user-friendly. Most studies into how CBD works has focused on how it interacts with humans. However, there are growing studies into the effect CBD has on animals especially cats. CBD also works well on dogs, birds, and other pet animals.

Why CBD Works

As with the studies in human beings, researchers have found that CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The complex biological system is essential for optimal health. The endocannabinoid system has receptors which are spread throughout the body and CBD works by interacting with these receptors. Although they are scattered throughout the body, the majority of receptors in the endocannabinoid system are located in the brain and the nervous system. Studies have also found that it is not only humans beings that have the endocannabinoid system; animals like cats and dogs also have this system. It is for this reason that CBD works as an effective medicine in treating cats.

Things to Consider

Before you give your cat CBD oil, there are some important things to consider. The first is the quality of the CBD oil. It is very important to be sure that the product you purchase is of high-quality and manufactured by licensed producers.

The second point to consider is that not all CBD oils are the same. You should not buy CBD oils made for humans for your cat because studies have shown that they are too concentrated. You want to buy CBD oils made especially for pet animals.

The third point to keep in mind is the dosage; it is crucial that you do not just choose any random dose for your cat. Speaking to a vet about the proper dose is the best way to go about it. The dose will depend on the cat’s age, weight and even the illness that you are looking to treat.

The final point to remember is that CBD oil is not magic and your cat will not get healed immediately you start giving it CBD oil. Like other natural medicines, CBD oil takes time to kick in. It takes about a month to see the therapeutic effects of CBD oil on your cat, so patience is needed. You can get CBD capsules for sale at the CBDFx online shop.