V2 Cigs E Liquid Review

Recently, one of the top electronic cigarette companies launched their own line of e-Liquids. V2 has long been one of the best providers of e-cigarettes on the internet, they brought us the beloved drip tip method of refilling blank and empty cartridges; a simple idea that has really made refilling cartridges so much easier.


It only makes sense that the electronic cigarette brand that changed the face of refilling and using e-Liquids in 2-piece models would eventually come out with their own line of e-Liquids. When they announced that they would be revealing their v2 Platinum E-Liquids back in October of last year, v2 fans went crazy signing up for pre-orders. Just like they changed the face of kr808D model e-cigarettes, they are looking to change the face of the e-Liquid that we refill them with.


The v2 Platinum E-Liquids are simply a different idea than most e-Liquids youre going to find on the market. They come in a sleek silver container and have the sort of pipette dropper tool that weve been waiting for. It has a crooked, slim end that makes it so much less mess to refill your cartomizers. The only drawback so far is that v2 only offers 4 flavors, but isnt that a bit refreshing in its own way? Gone are the days of companies offering 20-100 flavors of which 95% taste like crap. All I need are the main 4 flavors:


v2 Red

v2 Sahara

v2 Menthol

v2 Peppermint


I dont need Tutti Frutti flavored e-Liquid to have a good time smoking vapor – I just need the classic, proven flavors. I ran tests on all 4 of v2s new e-Liquids and I found them to make up for their lack of quantity with pure quality tasting vapors.


V2 Red

When I used to be a tobacco smoker, it was all about the Reds, so naturally the v2 Red flavored e-Liquid was the first I tried. I was curious whether v2 could emulate the pure taste of some of the other e-Liquids on the market- and after testing their v2 Red flavor, I have to say that they did a pretty damn good job. I enjoyed this hearty, satisfying flavor and I would definitely use it again.


V2 Sahara

Not much to say about this flavor – it definitely created some dense vapor, but I just couldnt quite distinguish it from their Red flavor. It sure has a bold taste and a deep throat hit, the only difference is it tastes a bit lighter than the Red flavor.


V2 Peppermint

I next filled my cartomizer with v2s peppermint flavored e-Liquid. Ive tried quite a few “mint-flavored” e-Liquids in my experience, but this v2 Peppermint flavored juice really ups the ante. It gave me a satisfying puff of vapor and a slight minty tint to the flavor. It was refreshing and a consistently good flavor every time I used it.


V2 Menthol

If youve read any of my other e-Liquid reviews, youll know that Im not typically a Menthol fan. I never enjoyed Newports and I was always a Red 100 sort of tobacco smoker. But I sucked it up and tried v2s new Menthol flavored e-Liquid, and I have to say that it opened me up to the flavor. It gives just a different sort of vapor and throat hit than youd find in a tobacco-flavored e-Liquid and it was nice to switch it up.



If you check out the price per bottle of their e-Liquids, youll find that v2 stands by their long history of well-priced products. For a 10 mL bottle, youre only going to be paying $9.95, which is a pretty good price on the current market.


But if youre looking to up the ante a bit and purchase one of their 25 mL bottles, youll be receiving 15 mL extra for only $8.95 more. The large sized 25 mL bottles only run for a reasonable $18.95.


Nicotine Strengths

The v2 Line of e-Liquids come in an array which contains all of the nicotine strengths youre going to need. They have the 6 and 12 mg for those average vapor smokers, 0mg for those who are trying to quit and then of course the 18mg strength for those hardcore vaporizers among us. My only complaint here is that their nicotine strengths top out at a measly 18mg; most companies will offer at least a 24mg option for those that need just a little bit more strength in their vapor. But regardless, v2 really captures the 4 strengths that most e-Smokers will require in their e-Liquid bottles.


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