The female pivoted imprints introduced by V2 Cigs have much more than its hyped trendiness. Vapor couture offers great vapor production with five battery replacements. It’s fashionable accessory is not a faux but the e-cig on the whole rivals V2.

A peek inside the box

A peek inside the box will reveal that the V2 Cig in its neoteric range for ladies, have introduced the Vapor Couture E Cigarettes-Women’s Brand Kit that includes

• Two automatic batteries

• 4×5 flavor cartridges

• 1xVC clutch box

• 1 x wall charger

• 1xVC charm lanyard

• 1xmanual

These components are available in a variety of colors, to match the feminism, liberation, modernity and sex appeal of elegant women. Vapor Couture is affordable and has unparallel quality. It’s truly a nicotine delivery object with blend of fashion

Battery of the Vapor Couture

The size of the battery is standard one measuring 83 mm x 8 mm.  The VC battery offers color options like Rose, Gold, Platinum, Purple and Signature. The Vapor couture marked the signature design for all of its products. These are brushed platinum, high quality finish and a very good feel in hand. These designs set the Vapor Couture e cigarettes apart from all the standard e cigarettes. They have sparkling tip without any LED light. The battery capacity is 150 m AH which lasts up to two hours for both heavy and regular use. The pen drive shaped charger hastily constructed but is substantial for its dainty battery..

Flavors of Vapor Couture

Currently, there are four exotic flavors; the Bomb Shells (Turkish tobacco), Passion Fruit, Fresh Mint and Rodeo Drive (American tobacco).But, the new arrivals of Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint are super exhilarating. Women across the continent are highly engraved by the unique taste. The vapor production capacity of the cartridges is amazing and satisfies the tobacco cravings phenomenally. The Passion Fruit has the light taste with after taste of mellow flavor. Rodeo drive is light in strength. The flavor profile will not leave you orphaned as they are not overpowering at all. The nicotine levels are in four strengths 0% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine and 1.8% nicotine, the strongest option is kept at bay. Despite the lack of strongest option, the cartridges are ideal for smokers particularly for those focusing transition.

The Price of Vapor Couture

The price of the Vapor Couture Starter Kit starts from 72 USD after using coupon codes and discounts. Starter kits have everything, which you will require to commence your ride to heaven. There are several other kits such as a Deluxe Sampler kit, which includes clutch bag and lanyard. All the accessories are made of high quality material and are very neat. The clutch has enough room to carry two spare batteries and five cartridges, USB charger and handy stuff such as ID, cash or a mirror.

Easy to use

It has a two-piece design, which you can simply screw into the cartridges. The switch to automatic battery is easy and components of the Starter Kit are very decent. The portable charging case is missing which allows the users to charge the batteries on the go. You can order this specially designed e cigarettes for women online as well. It perfectly matches every women`s style and persona. VC is the first brand that is designed for women, matching the style and elegance of modern women. The accessories are beautiful, handy and quite nifty. You can use discounts, coupons and codes to purchase this brand at low cost. But, apart from its supreme vapor production, its average battery life, stripped flavor profile and bland colors are a few vital infringements that cannot be disregarded.

You can order this specially designed e cigarettes for women online. It perfectly matches women`s style. VC is the first brand, which is made for women, keeping style and elegance of women in mind. The accessories are beautiful, handy and quite useful. You can use discounts, coupons and codes to purchase this brand at low cost.


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