White Clouds e cig ruptures into swirling feathers of white mist owing to its high vapor production. It is a leading brand and has amassed a firm base in the competitive industry. Its long lasting battery, squid charger technology, strong robust options for heavy smokers and plenty of nicotine alternatives all sum up to a enchanting product. Despite the huge lags between nicotine levels that enable gradual reduction, White Cloud e cigs have little to complain about. Its vapor production is excellent, flavors are delicious, batteries are long lasting and cartridges are quite strong .These characteristics surely make it flawless.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Reviews ??? Contents & Offerings

White Cloud Electronic cigarettes users are offered with a Starter kit that is specified by the company. But, users have vast options to choose batteries that come with a starter kit. ????????Cirrus Variety Starter??? is the kit that includes three batteries, five cartridges, a wall charger and a USB charger. Three variations of batteries include Cirrus II, the 3 and the 3X. Prices of batteries vary according to the models. Latest ones are most expensive but they are worthy investments.

White Cloud E Cig Reviews Aesthetics & Build Quality

Price of Starter kit is worth and is fair enough for the kit components. When I saw the kit first time, I was deeply impressed. Every component was arranged specifically in their very own chambers giving a clean and smooth outlook. Presentation of white cloud products depicts their concerns and time spent on the outlook. The branding is exceptional as everything is perfectly nestled. You have two options to choose between white or brushed metal along with the batteries, when it comes to White Cloud electronic cigarettes. They resemble tobacco cigarettes when you give it an instant glance.

LED tips of e cigs come in three colors that you can choose accordingly. White Cloud E- cigarettes are manufactured with two components that start operating as soon as battery is charged. The smoking experience is great when you inhale vapors using the e cigarette. White Cloud is not very cheap brand, compared to others in the market. But, the extra cost is worth to provide supreme quality products.

White Cloud E Cig Reviews  Flavors & Nicotine Content

 White Cloud offers 16 flavors variation

White Cloud offers 16 variations in flavors. The eccentric flavor profile includes two sweet cartridges??(Vanilla and Chocolate),three spicy flavors (Cinnamon, Clove, Honey kick, Chili Pepper Diablo), four fruity cartridges (Lime, Strawberry, Coconut, Bad Apple and Peach Pit), two menthol cartridges (Snap and Menthol) and three Tobacco cartridges (Bora Bora, Apache and Regular). ??White Cloud cigarettes produce thick white cloud of vapors that gives a fantastic inhaling experience. Users enjoy thick vapors and pleasurable throat hit. Inhaling process becomes easier when you use SmoothDraw technology to inhale these vapors.

The most fun part about White Cloud is the availability of six nicotine strengths that it is a benchmark. The nicotine options are Nicotine Free, ??6 mg Ultra Light , 16 mg Light, 24 mg Full, 36 mg Extra, and 54 mg Double Extra. The highest strength is fairly bonanza for heaviest smokers. Nicotine strength offered in white cloud electronic cigarettes has several options. White cloud assumes that they are limiting smokers, if they only offer 18 mg nicotine strength. This will not fulfill the desires of smokers who are looking for more strengths of nicotine. Starting from 0 to 6mg, 16 mg, 24 mg, 36 mg, and lastly 54 mg. Users can always hunt for e cigarettes of their favorite nicotine strength. Comparing nicotine strengths with other brands that limit their e cigs up to 24mg and 18mg, you will find White Cloud as a major brand that artfully entices heavy smokers.

White Cloud E Cig Reviews Tech & Battery

When customers procure e cigarettes their major concern is battery. Puffs produced that a particularly monitored battery can support matters a lot. White Cloud???s batteries cannot be selected manually, as they offer minimum 200 puffs. The larger Cirrus II offers around 280 puffs during the 3X version over 600. Time taken by the batteryto recharge is approximately 3 hours, much easy when compared to other brands. When I was employing the battery, I preferred to charge it using USB port. A wall charger is also provided; that enables the battery charging via a wall charger. Overall, the battery is impressive and all the exaggerations made by the brand are true enough to drive you high.

White Cloud E Cig Reviews The Sum Up

If you are grave in purchasing an e cigarette then remember that White Cloud is offering every penny worth your solemn. Consider all the battery variations, flavors and nicotine strengths. The power options are superb that can make life cultured. It???s best to save your time and efforts by exploring White Cloud services. White Cloud???s six month warranty is one of its supreme features. The thick vapors, piquant flavors, astounding battery life, opulent nicotine levels make White Cloud highly recommended brand.


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